ISSN: 2067-1253, E-ISSN: 2067-3647; Frequency: annual; Languages of publication: English and French

2015 edition
European Space and Discussions on International Relations

Vasile Puşcaş, The Transatlantic Partnership: an Euro – American Debate, p. 7-14

Melania-Gabriela CIOT, The Role of Conceptual Maps in the Analysis of European Negotiations, p. 15-24

István Polgár, Alin Ionuţ Cornel Moise, Is the European Unification Process Still Viable?, p. 25-32

Aleksandre Zarubica, Le Consensus Europeen a l‘Epreuve de la Crise Ukrainienne, p. 33-48

Miruna Ioana Marinescu, Cyberwar & Cyberterrorism. Heading towards a Cyber-Waterloo, p. 49-60

Alina Ioana Pristaş, The Republic of Moldova-from Partner to Associate of the European Union, p. 61-72

European Values and Forms of Multiculturalism

István Süli-Zakar, Ágnes Pálóczi, Tibor Kóti, Majorities and Minorities: Case Study of Hungary’s Romani Population, p. 75-94

Teofil Ioan Ştiop, Video Art Intercultural Dimension within the Context of New Technologies. The Video Art Event Project, p. 95-106

Radu Carp, Religion: Inside or Outside the Public Sphere? A Debate Around the Habermas Model, p. 107-112

Anca Oltean, New Data on the History of Jews from Romania, p. 113-119

Alexandra-Cristina Loy, The Europeanization of Political Parties in CEE: the Influence of the Party of European Socialists upon the Social Democratic Party in Romania between 1990- 2005, p. 121-135

Oana-Andreea Ion, The Europeanization of Domestic Representation Structures: Operationalizing the Dependent Variable, p. 137-154

Laurenţiu Petrila, About Moral Crisis of European Values in the Context of Globalization, p. 155-164

Determinants of European Regional Development

Florentina Chirodea, The Role of Universities from the North–Western Romania in the Development of Regional Knowledge–based Economies, p. 167-181

Dragoş Dărăbăneanu, Collective Expressing and Role of Public Opinion in European Society Development, p. 183-190

Elena Rusu, The Main Foreign Investors in the Romanian Economy. Diplomatic Reasons and Economic Facts, p. 191-202

Alin Ciprian Gherman, Cross-border Police Cooperation in the European Union, p. 203-216

Cosmin Chiriac, Liviu Bucur, Polycentric Development Initiatives in Romania at the First Local Level of the NUTS System (LAU1), p. 217-228

Tadeusz KOŁODZIEJ, Political Transformation in Poland: a Special Case or a General Rule?, p. 229-251

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