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Ediţia 2014
Sistemul Internațional și Dezvoltare Regională în UE

Ioan Horga, The Unaccomplished Decentralisation or Formal Decentralisation in the EUMS from Central and Eastern Europe, p. 7-20

Răzvan COTOVELEA, The Process of Changing the European Institutional System - A Conceptual Approach to the Institutions, p. 21-36

Flavian – Cătălin PAH, Regions Role in Increasing European’s Union Competitiveness, p. 37-46

Florin Lucian PÎRVU, Obstacles of the Cross-Border Cooperation Currently Existing Between Romania and Bulgaria, p. 47-56

Istoria și Teoria Relațiilor Internaționale

István POLGÁR, The Romanian-Soviet Relations in the Interwar Period, p. 59-69

Anca OLTEAN, Ongoing Theory- Driven Evaluation of the Publications from Romania and Hungary Concerning the History of the Jews from Romania and Hungary during the Years 1945- 1953 and a Few Policy Recommandations, p. 71-84

Georges CONTOGEORGIS, Prolégomènes à une théorie cosmosystémique. L’approche cosmosystémique de l’histoire et l’hellénisme, p. 85-97

Relațiile Internaționale: Perspectiva Cultural Educativă

Licia BAGINI, BELLA CIAO: de chant national à chant international, p. 101-114

Laurenţiu PETRILA, The Challenges Europe Faces at the Beginning of the 21st Century. Multiculturalism as an End to the European Identity?, p. 115-124

Nicolae Toderaș, Ana-Maria STĂVARU, The Use of Impact Evaluation and Evidences at the Internal Level: the Higher Education Reform in the Republic of Moldova, p. 125-138

Geopolitică și Securitate Internațională

Constantin Vasile ŢOCA, Bogdan POCOLA, Leadership Scenarios in Ukraine. The Impact of EU and Russian Politics, p. 141-153

Anda-Ioana CURTA, Changing the Security Paradigm. Health Security for the 21st Century, p. 155-164

Natalia PUTINĂ, The New Challenges of Georgian Political System in the Framework of the Last Elections (2012 Parliamentary and 2013 Presidentially), p. 165-177

Daniela BLAGA, The Placement of the Missile Defense Shield in Europe. Interests, Ambitions and Real Beneficiaries: Romania, between the United States and Russia, p. 179-187

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