ISSN: 2067-1253, E-ISSN: 2067-3647; Frequency: annual; Languages of publication: English and French

Reviewing method details

The reviewing method is listed below:

first step

an evaluation of the relevance of each submitted article will be carried out against the journal's themes (title, abstract and keywords are evaluated for this matter);

second step

the articles are evaluated against the publication requirements;

if such requirements fail to be met then the author/authors are asked to make the relevant corrections and to submit the article again;

third step

each article, with no mention of the author/authors' names, is submitted to two reviewers for evaluation purposes;

fourth step

the reviewers' observations on the scientific contents of the articles are then returned to the author/authors with the request for the necessary changes to be made;

fifth step

after the authors operate the required changes, each article is submitted back to reviewers for a second evaluation;

sixth step

upon the reviewers' recommendations, the editorial board decides which articles will be included in the journal.

For each issue of the journal the articles shall be submitted by May 1st, yearly.