ISSN: 2067-1253, E-ISSN: 2067-3647; Frequency: annual; Languages of publication: English and French

For the 1st issue of the jurnal, 2009

Fabienne MARON, International Institute of Administratives Sciences, Bruxelles, Belgium, f.maron [at]

Ion GUMENÂI, Universitatea de Stat din Chişinău, Republica of Moldova, gumenai [at]

For the 2nd issue of the jurnal, 2010

Cătălina ILIESCU GHEORGHIU, University of Alicante, Spain, iliescu [at]

Georgio TSURVAKAS, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, gtsourv [at]

For the 3nd issue of the jurnal, 2011

Renaud de la BROSSE, Université de Reims Champagne- Ardenne, France, [at]

Ioan HORGA, University of Oradea, Romania, ihorga [at]

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